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10 Tips to Add Style to Your Bland Bedroom

Whatever kind of “look” you’re going for-- whether it be clean and sleek or rustic and robust-- we  have some tips and tricks that could easily help revamp your room into the bedroom of your dreams! These ideas cover all of your decorating needs and will help create your own personal escape from the struggles of everyday life.

  1. 1. Dramatic Curtains

It’s important to have natural lighting in a room, but it’s also important to be able to control the amount of light your room receives.  Curtains are an option to provide you with more privacy, but they could serve a higher purpose aesthetically as well. Adding dramatic curtains to your room could be the step you need to transform your living space for the better.

  1. 2. A Statement Art Piece

When designing around a statement art piece, it’s important to keep things simple to put more of a focus on the art itself.  Statement art pieces work well in minimalist and modern-styled living spaces to ensure a room isn’t too “busy.”

  1. 3. Layered Bedding

Adding more blankets and layers to your bed is an effective way to make your room more glamorous while keeping a cozy feel.  A couple of throws and quilts could go a long way!!

  1. 4. Ample Lighting Options

By bringing in different light fixtures you can add a lot of personality and character to a room.  From a lantern to a chandelier, a space could be completely changed by adding new lighting options.  

  1. 5. Pops of Color

Flatter your eyes when you enter your room by adding small pops of color to guide your attention.  This is a quick and easy step to instantly add some pizazz to any living space!

  2. 6. Varying Textures

Add different textures throughout your room to create contrast and variation.  An easy way to do this would be by adding blankets or pillows to your bed, but try to carry this throughout the rest of your space enhance your overall room appearance.

  1. 7. Creative Storage Spaces

Find more fashionable ways to create storage because you can never have enough of it!!!  Turn that old trunk into a dresser or that empty vase into a pencil holder… the possibilities are endless.

  1. 8. Throw Pillows!!!

Pillows can make or break a bedroom and it’s definitely important to have the right amount.  Typically 2-6 throw pillows is a good number depending on the size of your bed, and is enough to add some style without overdoing it.

  1. 9. De-Cluttered, Decorated Nightstands

Nightstands could be a way to showcase your personality by showcasing a few of your favorite things.  Keeping it neat and tidy will not only give you space to place the necessities, but also keep space to decorate it however you may like.

  1. 10. An Underlying Theme

When it comes to having themes, adults tend to avoid them altogether, but a theme could be a nice unifying device to bring together the entire room.  It is also very aesthetically satisfying knowing that everything fits together to create a finished masterpiece.

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