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Not sure how to buy wallpaper online? We’ve put together this guide to help make your buying process easy, whether you’re looking for a luxurious grasscloth wallpaper or a fun animal print.

Application Types

To help you choose the right wallpaper for your project, we’ve broken down our wallpaper offerings into application types:

  • Peel & Stick: Also known as self-adhesive wallpaper, this is the easiest type of wallpaper to hang and remove. Relatively new to the scene, peel and stick wallpaper has quickly become the most popular option for anyone looking for a relatively easy DIY project. This is also a great choice for renters as removal is easy and doesn’t damage walls. Keep in mind, peel and stick wallpaper is designed to be temporary, so if you’re looking for a more permanent solution, it is recommended to select one of the more traditional application types

  • Pre Pasted: Pre Pasted wallpaper only requires water to hang. A good middle ground between Dry Backed and Peel & Stick wallpaper, Pre Pasted wallpaper offers a wider variety of materials and increased durability vs. Peel & Stick; while still providing a relatively easy DIY hanging process. 

  • Dry Backed: Frequently referred to as non:pasted wallpaper, this category of wall covering does not come with adhesive and requires an additional paste to hang. Often installed by professionals, installation of dry backed wallpaper takes more planning and effort than other wallpaper types. Although the hanging process can be more challenging, dry backed wallpapers are known for high quality and long:lasting results.

Pattern Match

When buying wallpaper, an important thing to keep in mind is how easy it will be to match the pattern of the paper over consecutive sheets. The complexity of the pattern and how frequently the pattern repeats both have a large impact on how easy or challenging it will be to hang your wallpaper. 

  • Random Match: Random match wallpaper are the easiest to hang as no alignment is necessary between sheets

  • Straight Match: Straight match wallpaper is a good option for DIY’ers who want to create a more fluid pattern across multiple panels. Design elements will line up consistently at ceiling height, so its fairly easy to create a seamless transition from one panel to the next

  • Drop Match: Drop match patterns are the most complex and a bit of additional effort to get the patterns to line up properly. For your trouble, Drop Match wallpaper often rewards your space with the highest quality and longest lasting paper. Design elements with Drop Match wallpaper align diagonally and usually take 3 sheets to complete the full pattern. It's often recommended to seek professional help if you are new to wallpapering a room.


Looking for the right wallpaper to fit your style? We work with the top wallpaper manufacturers to bring you the right paper to fit your flavor. From traditional Geometric patterns like Damask to whimsical animal prints, we’ve got something that will help you tie your space together. Here is how Homethread’s defines the following wallpaper themes:

  • Abstract: Patterns and designs that aren’t depictions of reality, but instead use shapes, colours and markings
  • Animal: Ranging from cartoon-style illustrations for nurseries and childrens’ rooms to fine antique and oriental patterns, our Animal theme wallpaper offer a wide selection for any room
  • Backsplash: These Peel & Stick designs are perfect for a more temporary solution to tile and look great behind kitchen and bathroom sinks
  • Bohemian: Boho style wallpaper feature bold colors, intricate patterns and chic designs
  • Botanical: Wallpaper designed to bring a sense of nature to your space. A popular category, here you will find a wide variety of floral patterns and scenic forest designs
  • Faux: Don’t be fooled, these designs emulating other materials such as wood, marble and tile, can be a classy way to add some warmth to your walls
  • Geometric: One of the largest wallpaper categories, here you will find repeating patterns from gingham to herringbone
  • Grasscloth & Textured: Grasscloth wallpaper brings a natural feel and new layer of depth to any hom. A luxurious item in high demand with both homeowners and interior designers. You’ll also find other raised and textured wallpaper here designed to elevate your space
  • Kids/Nursery: For the child in all of us, if you’re decorating with little ones in mind, start here
  • Metallic: For those looking to bring a modern feel to your room, metallic wallpaper adds just the right amount of shine.
  • Murals & illustrations: Bring your space to life with realistic illustrations or photography that will look great as a focal point of your room
  • Wall & Window Decals: Not necessarily wallpaper per se, as this category features single images, not patterns meant to repeat. A great way to add a splash of life to your room with relative ease or an elegant way to add a layer of privacy to your windows. 
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