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How to Clean Roman Shades

Best Way to Clean Fabric Roman Shades

Regular and thorough dusting is often all that’s needed to keep fabric Roman shades looking their best. Regular weekly maintenance will prolong the life of your shades and avoid larger problems down the line.

Vacuum weekly

With soft bristle brush attachment on your vacuum, or even a handheld vacuum, go over your roman shades weekly. Pay special attention to the folds where dust will naturally collect. If possible, open the valve on the vacuum’s suction control. Your vacuum may be too strong for fabric shades at full suction.

Dust if vacuuming not an option:

Some fabrics are too delicate or have elaborate embroidery or trim and cannot withstand regular vacuuming. These fabrics can be cleaned with a feather duster or static-fabric duster.

Spot clean as needed:

For non-greasy stains on washable fabrics, blot the area with club soda to lift the stain as soon as possible. For greasy or oily stains, use a spray on spot stain remover. Test the stain remover on the backside of the fabric first.

Wash annually:

Consider it an annual check up for your blinds and try to schedule a full cleaning once a year.

Believe it or not, many water-safe fabric Roman shades can be hand-washed or even put in the washing machine (as long as the type of fabric doesn't prohibit it*). You can leave the strings attached (tied off) or dethread and remove them if you prefer. Be sure to remove all dowels and metal rods from shades before washing. Wash your shades separately from other garments with just enough cool water to cover them. Set your machine to the gentle cycle and use a small amount of liquid laundry detergent (avoid powder detergent to prevent undissolved powder residue). Rinse thoroughly in cool water cycle. Some say you can put Roman shades in the dryer on a LOW heat for 30minutes. We prefer laying flat to dry to avoid shrinkage and color fade. A low temp iron may be needed. Finally, restring and rehang your shades. (You'll want to hand-wash delicate sheer Roman shades. Gently press out excess water and rehang them to dry.)

*Note that some fabrics cannot be washed at home. Please take all silk, wool, linen or fiberglass blended fabrics to the dry cleaner. Be sure to point out any areas that you have spot cleaned as they may need additional treatment.
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