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How to Choose the Right Size Rug by Room

How to Choose the Right Size Rug by Room

When it comes to choosing the perfect area rug for your room, size is one of the most important considerations; the size of the room, the size of the furniture, the size of the rug are all key components when shopping. A thoughtfully sized rug provides a foundation and anchors the space while providing style and warmth.

Living Room

There are several options for your living room. A smaller size rug will make a great focal point centered beneath the coffee table. A size up to allow the front legs of your chairs or sofa to sit on the rug helps to keep your furniture from slipping and avoid having to constantly push it back into place. Or, you can decide to go BIG and place all or most of the furniture on the rug. Ironically, the larger the rug the larger your room will look. Depending on the foot traffic, keep color tones and fabric in mind as you may need to clean more often.

Dining Room

The dining room is likely the most straightforward room when choosing rug size. The thickness of the pile is a main consideration. You and your guests will want to be able to push back after a meal without your chair getting caught up in a thick shag rug. A rug centered directly beneath the dining table provides balance to the room. The rug needs to be large enough to cover the floor under the table as well as the chairs when pushed back. Keep in mind that people tend to spill things like red wine and gravy in the dining room, so the ability to spot clean your rug is important.


When deciding on the ideal rug size for your bedroom first think about what you want from the rug. Do you want extra insulation from the cold floor? If these ring true for you, you may look for a large rug to center under your bed. It doesn’t necessarily need to go all the way to the headboard but you will want it to cover a decent amount of the floor space, right around to the nightstand. If price is a consideration, a smaller rug closer to the foot of the bed is an excellent option. It's still visually impactful and it may prove to be a little friendlier on your wallet.

Advantages of Rug Pads

Rug Pads

Now that you’ve spent the time to ensure that your rug is the perfect size and style for your space, don’t forget the rug pad. It anchors your rug in place, prevents slipping and acts as a great buffer between your rug and your floor. Dirt and debris can get caught in rug fibers and cause scratches and wear and tear on your beautiful hardwood floors. And of course, a rug pad makes your rug feel softer underfoot and provides a little extra soundproofing.

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