Aladdin Brilliant Raspberry Lasagna Server



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Over the course of five days, Italian artisans pour an incredible amount of talent, care, and attention to detail into every piece of Aladdin flatware. First, the artisans cut acrylic for the handle, and then they sand it with pumice and plaster. Next, the handles are tumbled with tiny wooden beads for further smoothing. After that, the flatware is assembled, and finally the artisans hand polish the final product into a smooth and balanced masterpiece that makes using them a joy.

This process takes place in Lumezzane, Italy, and the beautiful resulting collection is durable enough to be used daily and elegant enough to elevate every occasion. The Aladdin Brilliant Raspberry Lasagna Server provides everything you need for each seat at your table, whether Antique or Brilliant.

Dishwasher safe